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A Pre-Purchase Property Inspection is a must!

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

Our good friends at Resicert show you how to ensure peace of mind and avoid any post-purchase surprises.

It’s taken a while, but you’ve found your dream doer-upper. It’s a little out of your price
range, but you know with the refurbishments you plan to carry out that you’ll make a
killing when you eventually sell. The deposit has been paid, the finance is ready, you
have a date for completion and you’re already imagining the long lazy Sundays sitting
around the pool with your family and friends.

Moving day arrives. It’s the middle of summer and a typical steaming hot day on
the Sunshine Coast, so you start early. By dinner time you’re in, sitting on unpacked
boxes eating a takeaway and planning what room to redecorate first. The thing is that in
the excitement of moving, you’ve forgotten one major step and you don’t think about it
until you tear up the linoleum of the kitchen floor and find the damp wood beneath is
overflowing with termites.

You call an inspector who tells you that it’s going to be a big job – an expensive
job. What? You say, the sellers seemed so nice, why didn’t they tell us? They probably
didn’t know; the inspector argues in their defense.

Buying a home is a big investment and the more you know about the property, the
easier it is to make an informed decision. Yet too many buyers skip the inspection
process and, without a full property inspection, you really do not know what you’re
investing in.

A professional, thorough property inspection is something Resicert do every day. Resicert have over twenty years of experience in property and timber pest inspections.

They appreciate the importance of giving you peace of mind before you buy your dream
home. They diligently look for the invisible or hidden problems that are easy to miss such as
termites, water damage, crumbling foundations, wood rot or poor construction and offer
recommendations for correcting any issues that arise.

Working on the assumption that you don’t know what to look out for, Resicert guide you
through everything they do so that you fully understand what is happening, why it’s
happening and what you can do about it. It’s important to Resicert that you trust their
professionalism and expertise and know what practical steps to take next, so they ensure
you also have a comprehensive and easily understood report following the inspection.
In addition to this constant communication, they promise a fast response and a turnaround
time of 48 hours. In fact, they are so confident in the excellent and affordable service they
provide that we offer you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t expect – inspect!

Contact Resicert today and let them help you avoid any after-purchase surprises so you can
move into your new home with confidence.

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Raj Gobind from Resicert

Raj Gobind is a Licensed Property and Timber Pest Inspector and owner of Resicert
Property and Timber Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast South.
Ph : 0433718503

What people are saying about Raj …

A Testimonial from Mary Gates
“We initially engaged Raj to do a presale inspection of our dual living home to identify
any problems ahead of going to market. Raj was impressive in his thoroughness and the
time he spent on his inspection. Based on previous inspectors, we expected him to be
done in under an hour, but we were blown away by the time he spent checking the
property and his professionalism. We had no hesitation in getting him to do the check
on the home we purchased. Again, he spent the time and was thorough and

A Testimonial from Adam Godfrey
“From the moment I phoned Raj to book an inspection for a property we are buying, he
bent over backwards to shift meetings to arrange availability for our tight turnaround. He
is extremely thorough with his inspections, which is exactly what you need when buying
a property. He explains everything with you as he goes, the report is simple to read, and
was emailed the next day. I would highly recommend Raj at Resicert to do your building
and pest inspections, and we will definitely be using his services again in future.”

A Testimonial from Terri Woodgate
“Raj was very professional and thorough. We were very surprised at the treatment we
received with regards to promptness and a courtesy phone call following Building and
Pest inspections. Great old-fashioned service, and we would have no hesitation in
recommending Raj as your choice to have inspections done on your premises. Thank
you very much.”

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